Fundamentals Of Foundation Application … Tricks And Tips


The fundamentals of applying foundation cream is what most women need to know in order to get a smooth face free of any impurities before applying eye shadows, lipstick … etc.

Tips For Applying: 

Choose A Foundation:

The important thing is to be able to choose the tone of the foundation cream in a way that makes it compatible with the color of your skin. The worst mistake you can make is choosing one without considering the color of your skin, whether it is lighter or darker. Also, try two to three shades to make sure of the correctness of your choice.

Skin Preparation:

Preparing the skin is a basic step before applying the foundation cream

This means that the skin needs to be clean, so wash it thoroughly with soap and water. Also, be sure to exfoliate your skin in order to remove any blackheads.

After cleaning and removing any makeup residue, the next stage of moisturizing the skin comes with applying the appropriate foundation cream and softly massaging the face and waiting a few minutes for the skin to absorb the cream.

Put Foundation On A Brush, Not Fingers

One of the most common mistakes when placing foundation is to apply it on the two fingers and pass it on the face and forehead. This method does not guarantee smooth skin but rather exposes your face to many unwanted color spots. The solution is to use a brush for the foundation, take a little of the lotion and use the brush gently on the skin. This ensures that the foundation is applied evenly all over the face. Don’t forget to pass the brush over the neck, so your neck looks the color of your face. Also, it is desirable to pass the brush from the nose area outward, that is, to the cheeks.

The Powder Is The End Stage

When applying make-up, there are no immortal rules, but it is generally advised to stay away from face powder for those who have some wrinkles, as this powder may expose these imperfections. On the other hand, young women with very oily skin, can use the powder provided they do not use too much.


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