How To Apply Makeup For Small, Padded Eyes

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Many women have difficulty applying eye makeup, especially if they have small, padded eyes. To admit, it is not easy unless they master the many simple tricks which do not require any expert skill.

How To Apply Small, Padded Eye Makeup:

There are several tricks that fit into small, lined eye makeup. First, you should lighten the eye area. It is important to use a concealer color and a foundation cream color to lighten the lined eyes. In order to look larger and wider, erase dark circles, and lighten the eye area, in order to highlight it and extend its range, the use of the concealer is very important. After applying the dark circles concealer, in order to enhance the brightness of the eyes, apply the highlighter in the shape of a crescent under the eyebrows, leaving a small distance under them, and stay away from bright white or use a very light orange color that is a peach color, so what is required is to lighten the eye contour naturally, and not make it white exaggerated.

When choosing eye shadow, we advise you to choose light shades without shine, as you can apply them on the upper eyelid and use a darker color to define the brow bone that appears more than the moving upper eyelid.  You can also apply eye shadow on the upper fold, since your moving upper eyelid appears only when your eyes are closed.  Do not forget to define the lower eyelid in a fine line, either with a pen or eye shadow. For  your eyes to look bigger and more defined, and in case you want to use smoky eye liner makeup, we advise you to merge the eyeshadow under the lower eyelid only. To get a smoky makeup that highlights the beauty of your eyes, make sure that the eyeliner is very thin, and extend it a little higher. To get a winged eyeliner that makes your eyes appear wider, try the colored eyeliner that enlarges and highlights the eyes in a modern and attractive way, and use a waterproof mascara or non-smudge. One of the most difficulties facing women with lined eyes is the adhesion of eyelashes to the skin above the eye.

Be Careful When Applying Eye Makeup

Among the common mistakes committed by women with lined eyes is the application of glossy eye shadows that contain glitter pellets. In contrast, women with lined eyes are advised to use a dry formula and bright colors, i.e. pastel, provided that their color is consistent with the skin color. It is advised to calm neutral colors. Because it does not fit with the lined eyes, the women with lined eyes will make the broad eyeliner show them with smaller eyes, so it is advisable to apply a very thin line of the eyeliner directly above the roots of the upper eyelashes, in order to draw and define the eye instead of hiding it. It is important to stay away from intense mascara because it will make the eyes look smaller, and in return it is advisable to choose mascara that works to lengthen and flip eyelashes and not intensify them. Some false eyelashes can be added at the outer corners of the eye in order to make the eyes larger and wider.


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